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Dietitian’s Dish – December 24, 2018

Build Your Own Smoothie!
A cornerstone of healthy habits is starting the day with breakfast. If you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, opt for portable ways to fuel up. Smoothies offer easy ways to add nutrients your picky eater might otherwise avoid. The combinations of ingredients are endless so you don’t have to get bored!

Add-ins: Nuts, seeds, oats, nut butter, cinnamon, natural sweeteners

Nutrient Boost: Avocado, leafy greens, carrot, etc.

Base: Milk or alternative, juice, yogurt, etc.

Fruits: Fresh or Frozen

Pear, Oatmeal and Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Pear, Oatmeal and Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

1large, ripe pear
2cups milk or milk alternative
1/2cup quick-cooking oats
1cup frozen blueberries
1teaspoon cinnamon

1.Place all of the ingredients into a blender and puree at high speed until smooth and creamy.