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Dietitian’s Dish – January 7, 2019

Resolutions abound at the start of each year, and weight loss tends to be at the top of the list. There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach to battling the bulge. Modest portions, nutrient dense choices, and being active all help.
Too many calories in and not enough burned are often blamed for excess weight. New evidence suggests micronutrient (vitamin & mineral) deficiencies also contribute to health problems and weight issues. All body systems rely on micronutrients to function. For example, Vitamin D is essential for normal metabolism so low levels may contribute to weight problems and metabolic syndrome. Consuming more nutrient dense foods has benefits we shouldn’t ignore. Better-for-You products often have lower calories and fewer “negative” nutrients like saturated fat, salt and sugar. Nutrient density – more micronutrients for the calories – is also being researched as a factor in good health.

Check out items throughout the circular with to choose items that meet Better-for-You standards – fewer calories and “negative” nutrients per serving with more micronutrients. They’re one piece to becoming your best self in 2019!