Diabetic Kidney Disease
Diabetic Kidney Disease

Diabetes puts kidneys at risk of damage and, in extreme cases, of total kidney failure. 

Nearly one in three adults with diabetes battles chronic kidney disease (CKD) which, when caused by diabetes, is known as diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Conditions that are typical among those living with diabetes — high blood sugar and high blood pressure — put kidney health in direct danger.

Kidneys are responsible for filtering blood, eliminating waste, regulating blood pressure and producing hormones. When kidneys aren’t functioning properly, other health issues can develop. Without taking proactive steps to protect kidney health, diabetes can cause kidney damage slowly, over many years. 

By making the simple kidney-healthy choices below, diabetics can ensure they’re taking care of their kidneys to prevent kidney damage.

Get Tested: Many people living with Diabetic Kidney Disease don’t experience symptoms. To make sure your kidneys are healthy, ask your doctor to test you for kidney disease annually if you have:
Type 2 diabetes
Lived with type 1 diabetes for longer than 5 years
A family history of kidney failure or are living with heart disease.

Reduce Sodium Intake: A straightforward way to maintain a healthy diet and minimize sodium intake is by making a commitment to cook at home with fresh ingredients. By minimizing your consumption of pre-packaged foods and restaurant meals, you’ll make great strides in caring for your kidneys. Reducing sodium lightens the load on the kidneys, which lose their ability to control sodium-water balance over time, along with lowering blood pressure and decreasing fluid buildup throughout your body.

Stay Active: Add physical activity to your routine. Even the simple action of taking long walks a few times a week can make a major impact on your overall health. 

By maintaining your blood glucose and blood pressure goals, getting tested for diabetic kidney disease, reducing sodium intake and staying active, you’ll take a proactive role in managing kidney health and delaying or preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease.