Finding the Right Online Workout for You
Finding the Right Online Workout for You

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle, and there are so many ways to add more movement into your everyday routine. While going to the gym or joining a workout class are great ways to exercise, they’re not the only ways. If you don’t have time to hit the gym or don’t feel comfortable in public, there’s a host of online classes you can choose from that allow you to work out without leaving your home. But with so many to choose from, finding a class that fits you best can be a challenge. Use these tips to find the right online workout for you.

Consider Your Fitness Goals
Not being able to keep up with a class can be discouraging and not being challenged enough can create a lack of motivation. When a class is a good fit, it will match your fitness level and offer a balance of achievable workouts with a bit of a challenge. If you’re a beginner, start with low-intensity classes, then work your way up to intermediate as your fitness improves. If you have specific needs regarding your body, such as weak knees, consider finding a class that offers modifications.

Seek Out Motivation
What motivates you the most in a workout? Whether you need a class with upbeat music, a strong community or an instructor who reinforces positive thinking, look for the qualities that will encourage you to give your best and keep your commitment to fitness.

Choose Your Instructor Wisely
A great instructor can make all the difference in a workout. Look for instructors who have credentials and experience in the type of workouts you enjoy. Plus, find one who is motivating yet encouraging. When you find an instructor you trust, it can be easier to hold yourself accountable and increase the likeliness that you’ll be dependable with your exercise routine.

Look for Variety
While being consistent with the types of movements and activities you do is great, not having enough variety can lead to boredom and negatively impact motivation. Engaging in a variety of workouts strengthens your mind and body and can enhance overall fitness. Try online workouts that offer new movements or structure in each session. You can also add variety into your routine by trying different classes that help improve agility, endurance and your sense of empowerment and calm.

While these factors can make a difference in your fitness results, the most important thing in your fitness journey is your comfort and satisfaction.