Nutritious Eating When You’ve Lost Your Appetite
Nutritious Eating When You’ve Lost Your Appetite

There are many reasons we lose our appetite, whether due to pregnancy, COVID-19, cancer or being on certain medications. No matter the reason, a loss of appetite means even our favorite dishes don’t sound appetizing and nourishing our bodies can become incredibly challenging.
No matter the situation, it’s vital to nurture your body and provide it with sustenance. If you’ve lost your appetite, use these nutritious eating tips to stay nourished.

Keep it Small & Simple
Eating something is better than nothing. So, whether it’s toast with butter, a banana, graham crackers or a glass of milk, reach for whatever feels most nourishing to you. Turn to your inner child and ask it what sounds most comforting. While a balanced diet is ideal in the long run, during sickness or a time when you have no appetite, it’s most important to eat whatever will help you get through the day.

Lean into Convenience
If your loss of appetite is due to sickness or pregnancy where you feel lethargic, turn to convenient meal solutions that don’t require tons of effort. When you do eat, make it easy on yourself and let go of the stress of preparation. Try grocery delivery, takeout or frozen meals that make prepping meals simple and stress-free.

Check Yourself
Going too long without eating can initiate low energy, irritability or digestive issues. If you lose your appetite during an illness, a lack of food will only delay your recovery and make you feel lethargic and fatigued on top of whatever ailment you’re already experiencing. Check in with yourself throughout the day to prevent long stretches between eating. If you struggle with checking in, consider setting a reminder every two to three hours to ensure you eat even a nibble every few hours.

If preparing and eating a meal seems like too big of a task, turn to liquid nourishment like smoothies, soups or juices. And of course, hydrate when possible by sipping on water, iced tea or 100% fruit juices.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. No matter what you’re going through, your body needs food to function optimally. Take a deep breath, let go of expectations and eat what makes you feel good.