How to Manage Pet Allergies
How to Manage Pet Allergies

If you find your nose running, eyes burning or if you sneeze and wheeze around pets, you may have a pet allergy. Don’t worry – this does not mean you have to live a pet-free life! Some people who are concerned they have a pet allergy find their symptoms aren’t caused by their pet at all. For example, allergic reactions that appear to be caused by a pet can actually occur in response to concentrated pollen or dust that has settled into their pet’s fur.

Thanks to allergen-management strategies, a large number of people living with (non-life threatening) pet allergies happily coexist with their furry friends. Read on to learn how to manage your pet allergy.

Make your bedroom a pet-free zone: By forbidding your pet from entering your bedroom, you’ll ensure your sleep isn’t interrupted by allergic reactions to pet dander. Other ways to ensure your bedroom stays dander free is by using air cleaners and by adding impermeable covers to your pillows and mattress.

Clean frequently: Cleaning your home thoroughly, including items like your couch cushions and pillows, can remove allergic reaction-causing dander from your environment. Avoiding dust- and dander- catching furnishings can also reduce the amount of allergens in your environment.

Manage other allergens: Ensure your household is free from allergens like mold, dust and pollen debris. Many people with pet allergies struggle with allergies to other allergens, in addition to pet dander. By reducing other offending allergens, you may find your reaction dissipates.

Bathe your pet weekly: By bathing your pet weekly with vet-recommended shampoo, you’ll remove allergen-causing dander from their coat, as well as any pollen or dust your pet has accumulated.

Consider medication: If the methods above aren’t effective, you may want to consider adding an antihistamine or immunotherapy to your routine.

If you suspect you’re experiencing a pet allergy, don’t panic. By employing the strategies above and checking with your doctor to identify the source of your allergic reaction, you may find allergy-free living with your pet is possible.