The Art of Artichokes
The Art of Artichokes

Looking to add an unexpected twist to tonight’s dinner? Explore the art of artichokes! Beyond their unique appearance lies a mild, nutty taste and depth of flavor that adds a touch of sophistication to everyday meals. Next time you’re browsing the produce section, consider bringing home these unique, nutrition-packed buds.

Health Boost in Every Bite
Artichokes are also a nutrition powerhouse. With antioxidants, fiber and nutrients like vitamin C and magnesium, they support your immune system, digestion and heart health.

Artichoke Appreciation
Artichokes may seem unusual, but they’re surprisingly versatile. Whether roasted, steamed, grilled or sautéed, they adapt to any dish and take it to new heights. Bring artichokes to your table using these delicious ideas:

  • Mix sliced artichokes into your favorite pasta or salad for a pop of savory flavor.
  • Blend artichoke hearts with cheese and herbs for a creamy, crowd-pleasing spin on traditional dips.
  • Turn heads with artichoke-inspired appetizers like grilled artichokes, artichoke bruschetta, or roasted artichoke petals dipped into melted butter or aioli.
  • For an easy weeknight dinner, stuff artichoke bottoms with ground turkey, veggies, and cheese. Bake, grill or air fry for a 30-minute meal that feels restaurant-quality.
  • Sauté artichokes in olive oil and garlic and add them to homemade pizza or blend them into pesto to use as a spread.

Artichokes provide endless possibilities for an exotic flavor your family will love!