Non-Dairy Substitutes
Non-Dairy Substitutes

If you have a dairy allergy, choosing what to eat is becoming easier due to the plethora of delicious dairy substitutes on the market today. Though it can be challenging to eliminate dairy from your diet, it’s not impossible. Between the growing natural food selections in today’s grocery stores, the expanding number of people living vegan lifestyles and the increased awareness of food sensitivities and intolerances, it’s never been easier to navigate a dairy allergy.

If you’re unfamiliar with dairy-free substitutes, read on to discover the many products available today…

Products for a Vegan Lifestyle
Many grocery stores feature vegan products in their health food sections. Since vegans don’t eat animal products, all of these selections are dairy-free. Thanks to consumer demand, dairy-free cheeses and milks taste delicious and are becoming more readily accessible.

Dairy-Free Dessert Choices
If you’re craving ice cream, try a soy-, rice- or coconut milk-based option. From pudding to sorbet and ice pops to ice cream, there are plenty of milk alternatives available.

Baking without Dairy
In addition to ready-made desserts, there’s also dairy-free ingredients like margarine available for baking. There are several vegan recipe sources that can help you navigate the world of vegan baking replacements. You’ll find dairy baking replacements such as applesauce, grated zucchini, pumpkin purée and avocado purée that make baked goods so delicious you won’t even miss the dairy.

Though it can be uncomfortable to draw attention to your allergy, it’s in your best interest to communicate your dietary needs when necessary. When you’re dining out, order simple dishes and ask questions when you have a concern about ingredients. When you’re visiting friends and family, explain your situation. People are becoming more understanding about food allergies, and most restaurants will go out of the way to ensure your meal is safe to eat.

Have fun experimenting with non-dairy substitutes – you may find a product that’s more enjoyable than the real thing!