The Best Ways to Burn Stored Body Fat

Body fat is tricky! We were designed to store fat so that we would have emergency reserves when food was scarce. Reducing fat requires us to outsmart the body’s natural tendencies. If you are up for the challenge, the following tips will help you beat body fat for good.

Go for the Slow Burn
William Kelsey, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist practicing in Connecticut, recommends low intensity workouts performed for long periods as the most direct means of burning fat. Activities like walking 4 miles or hiking for 60-90 minutes will do the trick.

Work Up a Sweat
If you are pressed for time, aerobic (cardio) exercise is the most efficient way to burn calories. Although you won’t be burning fat directly, getting your heart pumping will help your body to create the calorie deficit that leads to fat loss overall. Running, biking, and swimming all increase the heart rate and burn calories effectively.

Be Consistent
No matter what intensity of exercise you choose the only way to ensure steady calorie deficits and overall fat loss is by working out regularly. The CDC recommends that adults participate in at least 2½ – 5 hours a week of moderate-intensity, or 1¼ – 2½ hours a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. Even short bouts of movement throughout the day add up.

Build Muscle
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. As a result, adding strength training to your workouts will increase your body’s fat-burning potential. Exercises like push-ups, tricep dips, squats, and lunges use your own body weight to build strength. In addition, adding muscle gives the body a more toned, lean look, which may motivate you to continue to work out.

Count Calories
Kelsey reminds clients of the phrase, “calories in, calories out,” meaning exercise alone is not effective in dropping fat. You must consider diet too. The first step of any fat-loss plan is determining how many calories you need. Then, it is vital to track how many calories you are consuming throughout the day. A food diary or a weight loss app like MyFitnessPal can help you keep your calorie intake in check.

If you are serious about burning fat, consulting with a registered dietitian or personal trainer can give you a customized plan to maximize your results. You can do it!