Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy
Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans, and while your susceptibility to heart disease is often inherited, keeping your heart in tip-top shape is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and being active are the most powerful tools we have to prevent or delay disease. Start small with simple shifts to make healthier choices each day.

Maintain a Healthy Weight & Move More
Carrying extra weight, especially stomach fat, negatively affects blood pressure and arteries. Strive to engage in 30 minutes of aerobics or strength conditioning exercises five days a week to help reduce cardiac risk factors.

Consume More Fruits & Vegetables
Packed with a powerhouse of antioxidants and fiber, colorful fruits and vegetables help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. Whether it’s fresh, frozen or canned, set a goal of consuming four to five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Slash the Sodium
Consuming too much sodium may contribute to high blood pressure and heart failure. The American Heart Association recommends consuming between 1500 and 2300 milligrams of sodium per day.

Choose High-Quality Proteins & Fats
Try skinless chicken, plant-based proteins and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids. Consume red meat sparingly and always choose lean cuts. Look for fat-free and low-fat dairy products, and don’t forget to stock your pantry with heart-healthy oils like olive and avocado.

Fight Inflammation with High Fiber
Fiber not only keeps you full, but it can also reduce blood pressure and inflammation. Whole grains and legumes like barley, oats and beans contain soluble fiber that helps control damage from inflammation of the arteries. Aim to consume five to eight ounces of grains each day.